Traction Battery

CORNEX is committed to meet the growing demand of the power battery products through building new power systems by innovative battery technology. Cornex adopt the Automotive SPICE quality standard and the green innovation production mode, to provide users with a full range of green and efficient system solutions.

Higher Safety

LiFePO4 cathode material, safer and better, long and thin battery cell, resistant to heat.

Long Cycle Life

With an ultra-long warranty of 6 years or 600,000 km

An Ultra-Long Driving Mileage

PED≥190Wh/kg high energy density technology meet 400-600km+ driving mileage requirement

New Energy Passenger Car

Pure Electric Vehicles (BEV) Pure Electric Operation Vehicle Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)

Commercial Vehicle

Logistics Vehicles New Energy Bus New Energy Construction Machinery Light Truck Heavy Truck


Passenger Ship Tourist Ship Cargo Vessel Speed Boat Yacht Fishing Boat

Two-Wheeled Vehicle/Low-Speed Vehicle

Motorcycle Elderly Mobility Scooter Travel Sightseeing Car

Energy Storage Battery

CORNEX is focused on providing customers with professional energy storage battery solutions from customer safety, energy efficiency,economical efficiency, installation and maintenance convenience and other multi-dimension. It gives power to the electricity, communication and household demand field.

Higher Safety

All-round test based on GB/T 36276
Thinner cell solution ,which can fundamentally solve the heat problem at its source.

Long Cycle Life

All-round test based on GB/T 36276
Validation of 8000+ times /KWh
Long circulation, which can help to realize the electricity cost ≤0.2 yuan /KWh


Platform shape, modular design, more reliable plug and play, easier maintenance

Large Energy Storage System

Energy Storage on Power Generation Energy Storage on Power Transmission and Distribution Energy Storage on Power Consumption

Communication Backup Power

Data Room Backup Power UPS Backup Power

Home Energy Storage System

Green energy for self-use, adequate power supply and stable management

Portable Energy Storage

High capacity, Enormous energy, electric power safeguard
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