A millimeter miss is as good
as a thousand miles


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Around the new energy field, CORNEX increasing investment in science and technology and innovation efforts, adhere to the quality-oriented approach, promoting production technology and quality, upgrading capabilities of product research and development, operation management and risk control, fulfill our social responsibility actively helping to achieve a zero-carbon future.

Driven by technological innovation, CORNEX promote the quality and efficiency of every production process of EV battery to achieve high power efficiency, high project quality and high development coordination. Cooperate with a variety of energy storage applications, vigorously enhance the penetration rate of new energy, and provide important technical support for the realization of the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

Under the trend of the international energy change, CORNEX gives consideration of resources and environmental constraint, renewable energy consumption and energy circulation costs, continuous innovation and struggle. Also, to deal with the problems in the development stage of power and energy storage in a diligent manner. We will do the best to lay a solid foundation for the healthy development of enterprises and build a community with a shared future for mankind.


Core Energy, Leading the Future, Infinite Possibilities,
promoting the rapid development of green industry

Core Value

Constant Effort, Diligence,
Pioneering Innovation

Core Thought

Only Change is Constant

Work Standards

A millimeter miss is as good as a thousand miles
There are no trivialities in business management. The long-term development of company cannot be separated from detail management. These six words are the most important cultural genes of the group and the endogenous motivation to support the enterprise to continue to grow stronger.
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