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Passenger Vehicles Electrification Solutions

CORNEX focuses on providing safe, reliable and cost-effective battery solutions for new energy passenger vehicles, with product series covering the entire range of models from MiniEV to C+ class, helping passenger vehicle companies to upgrade their electrification.

High Security, High Convenience

Cell material and structural safety optimization
Anti-thermal runaway propagation system

Long Service Life, Low Cost

Warranty for 6 years or 600,000 km

Long Battery Life, High Availability

PED 190Wh/kg high-energy dense lithium iron technologies Endurance covering 400~600+km

Market Applications

EV (to C) EV (to B) PHEV/HEV

Commercial Vehicles Electrification Solutions

CORNEX provides customers in commercial applications with a full range of high-quality battery solutions, which can be widely used in logistics vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, sanitation vehicles, construction machinery, vessels and other fields, enabling the full electrification solutions for commercial applications.

High Security, High Convenience

Certified by ISO14000 environmental system products are
compliant with GB, IEC, UN38.3, MSDS and UL
High-performance liquid cooling system with a temperature
difference of 3℃, bringing high heat tolerance

Long Service Life, Low Cost

Cycle life 4,000+

All-Weather Service, High Availability

Used in all weather, all working conditions,
and ultra-wide temperature

Market Applications

Logistics Vehicles Trucks Forklifts Buses Ships
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