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Updated: October 2023

CORNEX New Energy Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) owns the website (this “Website”), and is responsible for its daily operation and maintenance.
Users should read this Legal Notice carefully before any use of this Website. Any use of this Website means that you are aware of and accept the terms under this Legal Notice, otherwise you should stop any access to this Website immediately.

1. Intellectual Property Rights


The Company strives to keep all information concerning the Company published on this Website, including but not limited to text, pictures, data and video, up-to-date, accurate, true and complete, and reserves all rights of the final interpretation of such information. The Company uses its best efforts to review the information on this Website, but make no warranty as to the fitness for purpose, correctness, completeness, timeliness or non-infringement of such information. The Company shall not be held liable for such information or its use.

Copyright Objection

If any right holder believes that the writings, pictures and audio and video data (the “Works”) involved in the content of this Website infringe his copyright, he should notify this Website in writing in time, and this Website will delete the alleged Works or disconnect the corresponding links by law; provided, however, that in case of failure to produce valid proof of identity, proof of copyright ownership and proof of infringement, such right holder shall be deemed to raise no objection thereto. This Website assumes no responsibility for any wrong deletion of the Works or any wrong disconnection of any link to the Works due to any notice of such right holder.


The content and software of this Website are protected by the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws. The Company reserves the right to hold any person liable for his unauthorized use of any information on this Website.

2.Use of Website

No person may amend the information on this Website in any way, and no entity or individual may use the content and services provided by this Website for commercial, profit or advertising purposes or for the purpose of any other illegal acts.
The Company may amend the content of this Website at any time without notice, and in case of any wish to access to the latest information, you should make periodic visit to this Website.
The Company will interact with the Website visitors through the “Contact Us” section of this Website and view and manage their messages thereon on a regular or irregular basis, provided, however, that the Company assumes no responsibility for such messages. We will not disclose any message to a third party in principle, but if any message contains the information that are considered insulting, defamatory, obscene or unacceptable for other reasons, the user shall be liable for any possible civil tort or criminal liability arising therefrom. The Company will reserve the right to delete any such message, and own the right to interpret or amend the above terms.
For ease of use, this Website may contain links to third party websites, but such links do not represent our endorsement, approval and/or support of the content of such third-party websites, nor are they used for promotional or advertising purposes. The Company makes no warranty as to or shall not be held liable for such content. You should make your own independent judgment on any access to such third-party websites or their content.

3. User Information

Information Acquisition

Users may visit this Website and access the information anonymously, but users may be required to provide their personal information to this Website in order to use certain functions on this Website (such as Q&A, leader mailbox, whistleblowing and complaints). Subject to the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, this Website respects and protects the personal information and privacy rights provided by visitors on this Website. The Privacy Policy in this Website applies to your use of this Website. Any use of this Website means that you agree to such Privacy Policy, and the Company may collect, use, store and share relevant personal information in accordance with such Privacy Policy.

Information Security

This Website will exercise strict management and protection of the information provided by users, and will apply corresponding technical measures (such as setting up server backup data or encrypting user passwords) to prevent the users’ personal information from being lost, stolen or tampered. If the users’ information is damaged, leaked or lost due to reasons such as force majeure or computer virus infection or hacker attack, this Website will take necessary measures to minimize the loss of users, but this Website assumes no responsibility therefor.

4. Disclaimer

The Company shall not be liable for indirect, special, incidental, punitive and/or consequential damages, loss of profit and loss of data or business interruption arising from any use of this Website and/or any inability to access this Website. The Company shall not be responsible for any negative impact on your computer system or your system crash or other technical problems in any way due to computer viruses or other malicious software, programs, code, etc.

5. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

The interpretation, validity, performance, dispute resolution of this Website and this Legal Notice and other matters not covered herein shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. Any dispute with the Company shall be resolved through friendly negotiation. Should the negotiation fail, you will agree to submit the dispute or controversy to the people’s court with jurisdiction in Xiaogan, Hubei Province.

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