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Job Title
Senior Engineer of Battery Cell Technology Wuhan

1. Master degree or above, major in chemistry/electrochemistry/materials, having a deep understanding about the working principle of lithium battery.

2.Familiar with the processes of lithium battery section of production , module or test, familiar with the basic theories of physics and chemistry, especially in electrochemical theory.

3.Familiar with the development and improvement of lithium battery, and enable to coordinate the planning, producing,verification and failure analysis of new processes development stages.

4.Enable to understand the new processes,verify the validity and feasibility of the processes,improve the processes and tool& fixture.Having ability to solve the problem about design, verify the process parameters through the experiments, participate in the workshop process improvement, give assistance for applying the new processes to new products and improve the processes according to the feedback.

5.Enable to define the validated process parameters, write process documents, import them into production and supervise the implementation of the processes.

6.Be responsible for process inspection and quality inspection targetting on producing.

Senior Engineer of Battery Cell Material Development Wuhan

1.Master degree or above, major in electrochemistry/material science, equipping with solid basic knowledge of material theory, familiar with characterization methods of materials.

2. Familiar with the development and evaluation processes of lithium battery cathode, electrolyte, diaphragm and other materials. Understanding the design, production processes and testing methods of battery cell.

3.Responsible for the evaluation and selection of anode and cathode materials, diaphragms, electrolytes, conductive agents, fluid collectors, adhesives and other electrode materials.

4. Responsible for the research and development of electrode materials, enable to handle the whole processes of the related project independently including setting up , designning , implementing the project, following up the processes and giving the project summary.

5.Responsible for system-analysis of battery cell material,theoretical analysis of the problems in the application of battery cell , etc.

6. Giving assistance to solve the abnormal problems related to electrode materials abnormal problems related to electrode materials in the manufacturing process.

Chief Engineer of Battery Cell Product Development Wuhan

1.Master degree or above, major in electrochemistry or materials, familiar with power battery and material technology, electrochemistry principle, familiar with square or soft pack battery design.

2.At least 5 years working experience in lithium battery industry,among them more than 4 years of experience in battery cell project development and team management.

3.Working experience in R & D and design of power battery and energy storage battery products and customer docking is preferred.

4.Responsible for industrialization and pre-research of battery cell project development, technology output and technology management.

5.Responsible for the design development of battery cell ,product innovation and optimization. Assisting in the c-sample development and high-volume production of new products.

6. Responsible for giving assistance to marketing department solving the technical problems of products for customers. Responsible for writing the technical documents for external customers.

7. Be responsible for the construction and management of customer product team, and continuously improve the R & D ability of battery cell.

BMS Software Development Engineer Wuhan

1.Bachelor or above, major in electronics, electrical engineering, machinery and other related majors, familiar with the application layer software function of battery management system.

2.Enable to connect with clients targetting on the software problems ralated to battery management system.

3.BMS application layer software requirement analysis and documentation.

4.Software architectural design of architectural design on the application layer.

5.Analysis and definition of interfaces among application layer, RTE and underlying software.

6.Development of functional modules in battery management system, including modeling, code generation and testing.

7.The integration of application layer software in the battery management system.

8.Supporting the teat validation of hardware in the ring battery system and battery management system of the whole vehicle level.

The Research Institute President of the Batter Cell Branch Wuhan

1. Master's degree and above,developing battery products more than 5 years .Having experiences in R & D of product line technologies which are successfully developed and put into quantitative production.

2. Responsible for product planning, system product development, product platform setting, market project support and problem processing of after sales and producing.

3. Responsible for the new product development design, product research and development, platform setting, and production issues of small test-line and pilot line.

4. Possess capabilities of professional system design and development , including electronic, electrical, structural, and other aspects.

5.Responsible for technical support in market projects, enable to make the technology program, evaluation of product costs, technical communication and updates, and participate in input-output review during different stages of new product design.

6.Possessing good R & D project management co-ordination ability and team management ability.

7.Being proactive and enable to work under high pressure.

Deputy General Manager of Production Operation Wuhan

1. Responsible for preparing to construct the battery production base: being in charge of leading the plant construction , including the construction of the production management system, the production link&the layout design of workshop, the material and account management system, the equipment development, planning and construction for capacity of production,leading equipment development and leading-in plan, the construction of the production management system, the layout design of the production line and workshop.

2. Production operations: responsible for the overall management of the company's plants. Primarily responsible for controlling of the entire production processes, including program coordination, process improvement, equipment management, execution of quality management projects, etc.

3. Cost control: responsible for plant cost management. Including equipment optimization, technical optimization, personnel optimization, capacity enhancement, quality improvement.

4. Quality management: establishing an internal prevention control system of delivery and guest complaint, forming a quality control valve,strictly controlling product quality from the perspectitve of product R & D and importing.

5. Process improvement: according to the company's manufacturing concept, developing lean production, improve production efficiency and manufacturing level, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality.

6. Innovation Management: committing to increase production and practise economy , increase revenue and reduce expenditure ,increase revenue and reduce expenditure.Controlling raw material consumption and energy consumption of the manufacturing process to abtain the best result.

7. Personnel management: establishing a sound system for talent leading-in and personnel training, establishing and refining the trainning mechanism for pluripotent workers and skill workers, establishing the criteria of assessment about the qualification of employees and examining all the employees at regular intervals to Improving morale.

Factory Manager Wuhan

1. Responsible for plant operations (production, process, equipment, quality), proficient in production management, quality management, procurement management, safety management, equipment management, storage management, etc.

2. Responsible for the construction and improvement of the plant organization, daily production management, personnel management, performance assessment and any other way.

3. Supervising and improving work efficiency.Improving and controlling program of production,technological process, quality control and manufacturing cost.

4. Making an arrangement for establishing all regulatory frameworks during manufacturing management, including production, equipment, safety check, production statistics and other development, modification and improvement for management systems , to ensure the orderly operation.

5. Organizing production and controlling the progress of production according to the program of production.Completing the production assignment with high qualities to meet the objectives of company.

6. Efficiently Supervising and managing daily factory manufacturing to ensure smooth production. Taking the comprehensive assessment on quality, cost, efficiency, safety and other affiliated departments.

7.Responsible for making the reception work of governmental functions department and related organizations,maintaining a friendly relationship to ensure healthy communications between the factory and the external.

8.Promoting refined management.There is a mature understanding about the modern manufacturing firm.

PMC Director Wuhan

1.Responsible for executing the strategy of supply chain management.Making and improving relevant regulations of the supply chain.Responsible for the order analysis control, purchase management, material planning, production planning, and storage management of products,etc.

2.Process establishment: according to the related system requirements,organizing production management & warehouse establishing and perfecting the related processes and materials of supply chain.

3.planning reach:combining customer requirements ,arranging the program of production reasonably.

4.Purchasing management: based on the order status, combining raw materials, auxiliary material and stocks,to develop a demand management analysis.

5. Inventory control:planning the locations of warehouse placement and inventory structure reasonably and flexibly according to the characteristics of materials. Checking warehouses monthly ,maintaining the items of an account are accurate.

6.Outbound Logistics:completing sales statistics and managing&controlling production data.According to the shipping schedule , arranging the finished product shipments and choosing the suitable logistics ways to reduce logistics costs.

7. reduce costs and increase benefits:considering supply chains,making lower costs,higher benefits' possible.

Site Management Engineer Wuhan

1. Responsible for coordinating the relationships for construction unit at the construction site.Responsible for site management work.Being in charge of projected target attainment.

2.Responsible for examining the planning and programming of project construction,the CTS,construction quality and speed.Controlling the quality and the rate of progress strictly through monitoring.

3.Complying with rules and regulations during the construction process. Organizing constrcuction should be followed with the working drawing&planning and programming of project construction strictly.

4.Coordinating professional (HVAC, fire control,HRI, water and utilities) engineering with related auxiliary project.Coordinating construction units and dealing with disputes promptly during the construction procedures.

5.Setting up the regulations about safety responsibility.Strengthening management about the safe education and training for constructors.Security checks should be systematically executed.

Senior PACK Structural Design Engineer Wuhan

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design or electrical automation, proficient in CATIA/CAD/ SolidWorks, etc.

2.At least 3 years power battery system structure design experience.Having the design experiences of battery module and battery system structure.

3.Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

4.Responsible for feasibility analysis of product structure,enable to finish the structural design of battery module and box body according to design requirements of product group, and issue drawings.

5.Responsible for leading the assembly of product samples, and supervising the supplier improvement targetting on the unqualified sections.

6.Responsible for battery module product design and drawing, and enable to communicate with module production suppliers for manufacturing product parameter data.

7.Responsible for compiling DFMEA for project product structure.

8.Providing technical support.Communicating with purchasing department and assisting in completing the purchase of structural parts.

Senior Battery Cell Structure Development Engineer Wuhan

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrochemistry/physical chemistry/material science or the related.

2, Having experience with developing the battery cell structure and mechanical parts more than three years, familiar with battery development process from raw materials to battery application.

3. Strong ability of battery cell structure design, system matching and project implementation. Familiar with material technology control standards, formula standards, battery cell developmental testing standards, etc.. Responsible for the design, development, validation and cost control of battery cell mechanical parts, and the standardization of product design.

4. Responsible for solving problems in sample development, making battery samples and testing their performance, promoting products to mass production stage, and assisting production to mass-produce.

5. Familiar with DFMEA, familiar with battery cell structure design and mechanical parts development, familiar with tolerance analysis.

Senior Process Development Engineer Wuhan

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical/electrical engineering or the related.

2. At least 3 years experience in lithium battery process development. Capable of advanced system process expertise and process development .

3. Responsible for the formulation and management of process documents, the process verification of new process and new material , and operation.

4. Responsible for on-site guidance, training and supervision to ensure the implementation.

5. Responsible for completing engineering flow sheet and the other documents according to the company's design development process.

6. Responsible for solving the quality problems on spot.

7. Collecting and analyzing the data from the production process, finding out the improvement points, formulating and implementing the improvement plan.Introducing the new products and new materials.Developing and improving new process. Solving problems and other daily works.

Product Platform Manager Wuhan

1.Having product experiences more than three years.Responsible for at least one successful product independently, familiar with requirements analysis, requirements design, development and product iteration, etc.

2.Being experienced in industrial and commercial energy storage, domestic energy storage industry is preferred - energy storage integrator, PACK system integration company and main engine factory are preferred.

3.Responsible for platform product planning and management, including product demand collection and analysis.Enable to fully understand product requirements, carefully analyze and evaluate the demand submitted by users in order to ger improve constantly.

4.Responsible for life cycle management of platform products.

5.Responsible for coordinating and communicating with the development teams, implement teams and marketing teams.

6.Responsible for acquisition of information, trend analysis, competitive product analysis.Enable to develop competitive product analysis reports.

Chief Engineer of Competitive Product Analysis Wuhan

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, electrochemistry, material, electrical automation, machinery or the related.

2. Having technical work experiences in lithium battery field at least 4 years, product design experiences in large battery enterprises or main engine plants is preferred.

3.Familiar with lithium battery principle and test, electrochemical analysis, electrical principle, statistical analysis tools.

4.Collecting competitive products in the mainstream market, organizing the teardown analysis, and forming competitive product analysis reports.

5. Collecting and updating the product planning of mainstream manufacturers in real time.

6.Participating in the platform product planning and assisting the product managers in formulating product parameters.

7. Enable to complete the contrastive analysis targetting on company's product functions and performances.

8.Enable to complete the competitor information collection from five perspectives,including services, after sales ,promotion,as well as management systems.

9.According to Michael Porter's Five Forces model, evaluating and analysing comprehensively from five aspects including customers, suppliers, direct competitors, potential entrants, substitutes.Pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of the company in different stages, as well as the breakthrough.

Senior QMS Engineer Wuhan

1. Bachelor degree, familiar with the management systems of new energy power battery, lithium battery ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, TS16949, etc..have participated in the training and being certified as an internal auditor.

2.Working in the new energy industry more than 3-5 years ,having experiences in quality system construction.

3. Having experiences in buliding quality management system independently is preferred.

4. Responsible for the planning, implementation, maintenance,improvement of new energy management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and TS16949, as well as the supervision and management during the implementations in each management system.

5.Responsible for organizing and implementing internal system ,process and product audit.Enable to keep updating and correct in time.

6.Responsible for assisting management representative to plan and manage review activities.

7.Responsible for cooperating with customers and promoting the third-party management system audit until passing the audit;

8.Responsible for examining the supplier management and improving the supplier management.

9.Organizing the formation, revision, training and optimization for the documents of management system.

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