Sheng Jiliang, the Director of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, and His Party were Presented CORNEX to Investigate and Research

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On April 21st, Sheng Jiliang who is the communist party secretary and director of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau and his party were presented Cornex New Energy Co., LTD. to investigate and research. The board chairman of Cornex Dai Deming accompanying and other related functional department leaders to participate in the research symposium.


The Two Sides Conducted Exchanges and Discussions

Dai Deming showed welcome to all visitors and extent his heartfelt gratitude to Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau which have been always caring and supporting Cornex's development. Dai Deming introduced new energy business, development environment, innovative application scenarios and information digital system construction of Cornex in details. He said that Cornex is centering on the development direction of "scientific and technological innovation and green energy" at present and strive to achieve the goal of green factory and intelligent manufacturing by accelerating the improvement of technology chain, comprehensively promoting the innovation of material structure, manufacturing technology and industrial system.


The Board Chairman of Cornex New Energy Co., LTD. Dai Deming

Sheng Jiliang agrees with Cornex's development path of technological innovation, energy enhancement and industrial integration, and said that under the guidance of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" policy, "new energy + energy storage" will step to a new stage of development, and encouraging Cornex to continue to build a good industrial ecology as a local enterprise and tell a good story of Cornex's technological innovation. Centering around the innovation-driven development strategy, the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau will be making driving function work to promote the construction of innovation consortium and aggregate industrial resources of innovation and technology talents, and support local enterprises to establish technological leading competitive advantages with the technological system. 


Sheng Jiliang, the Communist Party Cecretary and Director of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau 

The carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy have deep connection with industry supporting, the technological innovation drives industrial transformation. We look forward to strengthen the connection with science and technology, and closer exchanges between the two sides. Also, we will join hands to contribute to green and low-carbon technological innovation. 

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