The Total Investment is 67.5 Billion yuan Construction of 150GWh Lithium Battery Capacity The Project of CORNEX New Enery Industrial Park was Started Up

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On May 8th, Cornex Lithium Battery Industrial Park Project in Xiaogan Linkong economic zone started. The Deputy Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and province's governor Wang Zhonglin attended and announced that the project was starting.

Wang Zhonglin listened to the overall planning, functional layout, and investment of the project at the site. He urged enterprises and construction units to resolutely implemented the important instructions of the State President Xi Jinping's overall development and security. According to the work arrangement of provincial party committee and provincial government, we need to speed up the construction progress from the aspect of epidemic prevention and control, project construction, quality management and safety production, to strive for early completion, early production, and early effect. Xiaogan city is required to optimize service guarantee, increase the attract investment of upstream and downstream firms, and promote the new energy vehicles industry to extend, improve and strengthen the chain. Also, the provincial related units are required to take the opportunities of energy structure adjustment, research and planning the energy development pattern in Hubei province carefully, strengthen the construction of new energy infrastructure, and continuously improve the energy security capability.

Zhao Haishan who is the vice-governor of Hubei province says that the we need to take full advantage of industry foundation, resource endowment and project aggregation, and upgrade basic capacity, enterprise competitiveness, and level of industry chain supporting, and continuously enhance the power battery industry competitive advantage. We will create the best condition and provide the best service at full speed for the project to work with a first-class business environment.

The board chairman of Cornex New Energy Co., LTD. Dai Deming said that Cornex will build a first-class standardized, modular green intelligent factory with the fastest speed and the best quality. We are going to create a model project, and strive to develop into a leading enterprise in Hubei local new energy industry.

It is understood that the total investment of CORNEX New Enery Industrial Parkis is 67.5 billion yuan, the planning capacity are 150GWh. The construction will be divided into five phases, the first phases planning capacity is 30GWh. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will integrate research and development, manufacturing and sales of power batteries, energy storage batteries and energy management systems. It will become a large-scale new energy industrial base with an annual industrial output value of over 100 billion yuan.

 Article From: Hubei Provincial Government, HBTV

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