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CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as CORNEX) attaches great importance to protecting the privacy information of customers and users. In some specific circumstances, CORNEX needs to use the personal information to provide you with corresponding service support. This statement explains the procedures of collection and uses of privacy information in detail. If you choose to use relevant service support, it will mean that you have accepted the terms of this statement and the updated content.

1. Information Collection

In order to provide better service support, CORNEX will collect the information which is initiatively filled in and submitted when using the relevant services on the website. Such information will include but not limited to the name of your company, address, contact information, required products, required quantity and other personal information.

2. Information Security and Management

2.1 The information you provide will be saved on the server of CORNEX, and only authorized person can access and use it. CORNEX promises that the processing and managing of electronic data will be followed in strict accordance with applicable laws. In addition, CORNEX will get approval from you when the data need to be collected.Your information will be automatically deleted within 6 months or other time periods within the sphere permitted by law.

2.2 CORNEX will not disclose your personal privacy information to any third parties without your permission, except for the following circumstances: a) According to the mandatory requirements from laws and regulations, CORNEX is obliged to provide your personal information to the governmental administrative department in charge or relevant personnel. b) CORNEX has obtained your prior authorization before delivering information to a third party. c)It is necessary for CORNEX to provide your personal information to the service provider when some services are provided by a third party.

2.3 CORNEX will strictly protect your personal information security. Without authorization, we will adopt various security technologies and procedures to ensure your personal information won't be accessed, used or leaked . If you have any questions about the protection of personal information, please contact us in time. E-mail:

3. Disclaimer

CORNEX will not bear any responsibility in the following circumstances:

3.1 Your personal information is leaked due to account password disclosure by your negligence or other reasons unrelated to CORNEX.

3.2 CORNEX provides your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations or relevant government policies.

3.3 Personal information leakage, loss or tampering caused by force majeure factors such as temporary shutdown caused by hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or government regulation.

3.4 Usage and disclaimers mentioned in the terms of service and statements by CORNEX.

3.5 In the following cases, it still belongs to circumstance which mentioned in the Article 2: leakage caused by a third party, but CORNEX has provided your personal information to the third party.

4. Revision

4.1 CORNEX will update this privacy statement at any time. Also publish the modifications of the privacy statements on the website.

4.2 CORNEX is always committed to providing adequate protection for user information and providing you with better service and experience.

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