Equipped with CORNEX batteries! China's first 3,000-ton rechargeable oil-to-electricity cargo ship launched.

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On April 26, China's first 3,000-ton "oil-to-electricity" cargo ship - "Chuanchuan Yangtze River 001", equipped with CORNEX EV battery modules, was successfully launched.


The overall dimensions of the vessel include a length of 77.60 meters, a type width of 13.60 meters, a type depth of 5.70 meters, and a design draft of 5.04 meters. It was converted from diesel engine power to pure battery power. After the transformation, the system is equipped with 4 sets of 580.6kWh battery packs, with a total power of 2322.4kWh, which can meet the sailing needs of the ship for a single round trip of about 300km.



As China's first 3,000-ton "oil-to-electricity" ship, the ship has two characteristics: "fully electrified" and "fully automated". Equipped with a large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery pack power supply system developed by CORNEX, this is an important achievement of CORNEX's active response to the national green development strategy and the implementation of the dual carbon goal. It marks a major breakthrough in the development of inland shipping electrification. In the future, CORNEX will continue to contribute to the development of the green and intelligent ship ecosystem and accelerate the transformation of the shipping industry to low carbon and intelligent.


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