The CORNEX Annual Gathering with the Theme of Striding Forward and Venturing Far Was Successfully Held

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On January 28th, the annual gathering of CORNEX New Energy Co., Ltd. took place in grandeur at the Westin Hotel in Hanyang, Wuhan. Chairman Dai Deming graced the occasion with his presence and delivered a significant speech. President Huang Feng and Executive Vice President Bu Xiangnan presented their work reports. Vice Presidents Du Yingying, Zhu Xiaoping, Wang Chuang, along with other company executives, the backbone team of CORNEX, and representatives of outstanding employees were also in attendance.


Chairman Dai Deming praised the accomplishments of the past year’s work and delivered a pivotal speech. He said that in 2023, CORNEX achieved numerous industry milestones, with the successful launch of super plants in the three bases of Wuhan, Xiaogan, and Yichang, along with the establishment of a robust organizational management system. Research and development technology, innovation, and management have continued to advance, leading to rapid improvements in manufacturing capacity. With a nationwide market network in place, a formidable CORNEX has emerged. With an abundance of good news and remarkable achievements, our company’s resolve and confidence in pursuing our grand expedition have only grown stronger. We are dedicated to building ourselves into a top-tier leader in the new energy lithium battery industry.


CORNEX stands tall, embarking on a grand expedition. Dai Deming pointed out that the year of 2024 marks a pivotal moment in CORNEX’s development, a year of triumph in our journey of energy transformation. As we embark on this righteous path, the competition has yet to commence, but the road ahead is challenging and extensive. With a vast market and substantial capacity, success lies in demonstrating our strength and adept management. We have a long road ahead to showcase CORNEX's new image as a leader in the making. We must adhere to the laws of development, draw from competition experience, foster innovation, and diligently advance the efficient execution of our tasks. It is imperative to expedite the establishment of world-leading innovation and technology enterprises, bolster core technological leadership, accelerate research and development in cutting-edge technologies, enhance product innovation, and continuously enhance development efficiency. Future of CORNEX - a boundless journey, ever vibrant and enduring.


At the annual meeting, President Huang Feng presided over the proceedings and delivered a speech. On behalf of the company, he extended New Year’s wishes to all employees. Reflecting on the past year, the CORNEX team has worked together, pragmatically addressing challenges and innovating to achieve breakthroughs. Through collective efforts, CORNEX has rapidly ascended in the field of new energy. We sincerely thank all of you for your hard work. In his report, Huang Feng provided a detailed overview of the company’s operations and management throughout 2023. He emphasized CORNEX’s steadfast response to the intricate and fluctuating market conditions by prioritizing the consolidation of development foundations, construction endeavors, team building initiatives, and dedicated research and development efforts. With a focus on production and unwavering commitment to quality, the company’s development trajectory has transitioned from “fast” to “stable”, resulting in the delivery of a solid and impressive performance. As we approach the pivotal year of 2024, we must prioritize scaling with a focus on maximizing benefits, while diligently advancing comprehensive enhancements to our competitiveness. In our pursuit of high-quality development, it is imperative to uphold a work ethic characterized by sustained dedication and a commitment to truth-seeking, enabling us to achieve greater levels of value creation.


Executive Vice President Bu Xiangnan presented the company’s accomplishments in product development and market expansion in his work report. He emphasized the strategy of “production for one generation, reserve for one generation, and R&D for one generation”, highlighting that CORNEX’s product R&D iteration rhythm in 2023 met expectations. Innovative achievements such as battery cell products, module PACKs, and advanced technologies have been flourishing day by day, further empowering the “power + energy storage” dual-wheel drive system. These advancements have led to further breakthroughs in both domestic and overseas markets. In 2024, with a focus on creating distinctive products, the company will engage in intensive study and thoughtful analysis. Emphasis will be placed on cutting-edge technologies and their industrial applications, with particular attention given to key research projects aimed at achieving breakthroughs in energy storage and power product technologies. These efforts will be carried out efficiently as steps towards establishing the company as a leading science and technology enterprise in the new energy industry.


During the commendation segment, the company recognized individuals for their outstanding performance in 2023, presenting awards such as “Excellent Employees”, “Outstanding Engineers”, and “Diligent and Dedicated”. Chairman Dai Deming, President Huang Feng, Executive Vice President Bu Xiangnan, Vice President Du Yingying, and Vice President Zhu Xiaoping awarded the winning representatives on behalf of the Board of Directors and the company.



The unity of strength is the sole path to achieving shared development, and only through a collective mindset can we accomplish great endeavors. Confronted with our brand-new goals, CORNEX will always uphold unity and remain resolute, with every member of the CORNEX team working diligently together. In 2023, we pooled our strengths and worked together, and in 2024, we are resolutely determined to achieve victory on our expedition!


As a new energy innovative high-tech enterprise, CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of energy storage batteries, EV batteries and energy management system, and is committed to providing the world-class solutions, products and services for new energy applications worldwide.

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