Piotr Całbecki, Governor of Kuava Coastal Province in Poland, visited CORNEX

2023-10-18 Page View:6553

On October 18, Piotr Całbecki, governor of Kuyava Coastal Province in Poland, and a delegation of companies’ representatives visited the Jiangxia base of CORNEX to investigate the large-scale, intelligent and digital lithium battery production base, accompanied by Si Qingchuan, full-time vice president of Hubei Association for Friendship, Zhang Min, director of the European and African Affairs Office of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and Wang Chuang, vice president of CORNEX.


Piotr Całbecki and his delegation visited the exhibition hall and intelligent production workshop of CORNEX to learn more about the development history of the company, scientific and technological innovation achievements, and advanced production capacity construction.

Wang Chuang extended a warm welcome to Polish friends who came from afar. He said that after two years of rapid development, CORNEX had completed the construction of 100GWh lithium battery production capacity, and actively adjusted the markets layout of energy storage and power batteries both at home and abroad. He hoped that this friendly exchange could open the door of cooperation between CORNEX and Poland's new energy industry and promote the win-win development of our industries.


At the symposium, Piotr Całbecki spoke highly of the achievements made by CORNEX in the both scale and speed of development. He said that Kuyava Coastal Province and Hubei Province had a deep friendship and a broad space for cooperation and development in the energy and industrial industry. He hoped that the two sides in the future could actively promote multi-field industrial exchanges and cooperation, and he also sincerely invited CORNEX to Kuyava Coastal Province for the investment investigation and to boost beneficial development of both sides.


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