The First Energy Storage Power Station Demonstration Project Equipped with CORNEX’s "Submerge" Battery Safety System Has Been Fully Put into Commercial Operation

2023-11-09 Page View:8305

Recently, the China Three Gorges Renewables’ (hereinafter referred to as "CTGR") Qingyun Energy Storage Phase II Demonstration Project, which is the country's largest grid-side shared energy storage power station first equipped with CORNEX’s "Submerge" battery safety system, has been fully put into commercial operation in Qingyun County, Shandong Province. With the CORNEX’s self-developed high-voltage liquid cooling battery container, the project will support the local 24-hour stable green electricity supply through peak load shifting and create a pure green power grid.

With capacity of 201MW/402MWh in the second stage, the CTGR’s Qingyun Energy Storage Project is one of the first energy storage demonstration projects in Shandong Province. Given its widespread exemplary role and in order to accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements, CORNEX combines the original cluster level perfluorohexanone fire protection with its independently-developed pack level "Submerge" battery safety system to prevent re-ignition and satisfy the safety requirements. When completed, the "Submerge" plan will set a benchmark for the research of key technologies preventing thermal runaway phenomenon in electrochemical energy storage systems and provide important implications for the further development of high-reliability battery fire fighting systems, functional safety systems and modular level online safety warning platforms.


And beyond that, this technology has gained 15 accepted invention patents, 20 utility model patents, 2 accepted software Copyrights and 2 published papers of Chinese core journal and above, reaching the industry-leading level. Under the mainstream context of building new power system with new energy, CORNEX actively applies its self-developed "Submerge" battery safety system to the large-scale demonstration projects and sustainably provides system-level verification to energy storage safety, promoting the application of advanced energy storage technology and thus injecting kinetic energy into industrial economic development.


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