CORNEX Lithium-ion Battery has been the first to stride forward into 0.5yuan($0.0719) per Wh era Large-scale extreme intelligent manufacturing energizes efficient production, with a 40% year-on-year decline

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On August 3, the 2023 High-tech Photovoltaic Energy Storage Conference was held in Suzhou. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dai Deming, chairman of CORNEX, said that by the end of this year CORNEX lithium-ion battery cell with 280Ah capacity would be sold for at most 0.5yuan($0.0719) per Wh (tax-exclusive) in order to accelerate the realization of scale business of new energy storage industry, which represents that CORNEX officially enters 0.5yuan($0.0719) per Wh era. The company also announced to provide a quality guarantee for the products in accordance with the industry standard, the price of which would be unaffected by the fluctuation of lithium carbonate price, and the move would end up benefiting the stability of market prices and the steady development of industry.


In the past two years, CORNEX has built an automated and digitalized super factory which produce more than 100GWh effective capacity of energy storage battery and EV battery at three bases in Hubei province with the shortest time, the fastest speed, and the highest standards. The extreme production capacity turns into an advantage of cost management, whose decline was caused by the efficiency advantage of mass production. This should help the rapid development of the whole industry.


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