CORNEX Lithium-ion Battery Industrial Park Xiaogan Project's Phase I Starts Production

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On June 28, the production kickoff ceremony for the Phase I of CORNEX Lithium-ion Battery Industrial Park Xiaogan Project was held in Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone. Hu Jiuming, the Secretary of Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee, spoke on behalf of Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, and announced that the CORNEX lithium-ion battery industrial park Xiaogan project's phase I start production. Dai Deming, the chairman of CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD., delivers a speech. Wu Qinghua, the Deputy Secretary of Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Xiaogan, hosted the event.


Hu Jiuming extended warm congratulations to the project starting production. He said that since the implementation of CORNEX’s Xiaogan Modular Plant, the provincial committee and government provided strong support and created a great environment for the project. Multiple parties worked together to complete the project investment of US$1.4 billion and the first phase was completed and put into operation. Today is a major event in the development of CORNEX, a great event in the history of the development of Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone, and also a joyous occasion for the industrial economic development of Xiaogan. He stressed that the Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone and all departments directly under the city government should provide good service as always, give full play to new energy lithium-ion battery industry’s advantages with a strong driving force, large scale efficiency and technology and capital intensive, further extend the industrial chain, promote the agglomeration of supporting industries and accelerate the development of new energy lithium battery industrial clusters. Hu Jiuming hoped that CORNEX will continue to strengthen project management, technical research, product research and development, and plant construction. The production and management development in parallel with marketing and comprehensively improve the survivability, competitiveness, development ability and sustaining force.


Dai Deming said that the smooth operation of CORNEX’s Xiaogan Modular Plant is the result of the full support of Xiaogan Municipal Government. CORNEX has adhered to driving development with innovation, production and manufacturing with quality, developing the market with professionalism. Based on domestic, facing the world. CORNEX will give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, promote the new energy industry to strengthen the supply chain and stabilize the chain, and helps Xiaogan occupy an important seat in China's new energy industry.


CORNEX’s Xiaogan Modular Plant was officially started on May, 2022, the planned capacity of the project is 150GWh, covering an area of about 2,223,344㎡. The Phase I of the project, with a capacity of 30GWh per year and covers an area of more than 666,666㎡, the project will become the largest new energy production base in China after completion.

Deng Daowei, Wu Qiong, He Weidong, Wu Jie, Guo Bin, and Qiu Xianchun, the leaders of Xiaogan city, and the principal leaders of all departments directly under the city government, counties and urban areas. Huang Feng, the president of CORNEX, Bu Xiangnan, the executive vice president of CORNEX, and company senior management team and CORNEX customer representatives, representatives of financial institutions, equipment and material suppliers, media representatives and company employees, more than 1,000 people attended the production activity.


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