CORNEX Shines at The 2023 World Power Battery Conference

2023-06-09 Page View:6525

On June 9, the 2023 World Power Battery Conference (WPBC2023) was held in Yibin. CORNEX made an appearance at the conference with all-scenario EV solutions.


In the CORNEX exhibition area of "Production and Application Scenarios Collaboration", all EV products covering mainstream vehicles are on display. CORNEX’s EV products such as 206Ah, 166Ah, 135Ah, 130Ah, and 100Ah cells for passenger cars and 20.5Ah cells for low-speed cars could provide different levels of EV solutions for A00 to B+ class passenger cars. The 230Ah, 150Ah and 125Ah battery cells used in commercial vehicles mainly provide EV support for heavy trucks, construction machinery, light trucks and minivans.


The CORNEX technical team made a comprehensive introduction to the characteristics of a high degree of safety, high energy density and long service life, and the differentiated positioning products attracted a large number of attendees. The 166Ah EV cell which is CORNEX’s star product has a slim and compact appearance, which is more thin and light. While improving the volume utilization rate, the energy density of 182Wh/kg, the battery cycle life of more than 2500 times and able to work in a wide range of temperatures (from -30°C to 55°C).

By optimizing the electrolyte formulation design and internal structure, the internal resistance of the battery cell is effectively reduced and product consistency is enhanced, the structural performance is stable throughout the life cycle. The full range of CORNEX’s products could provide special specifications integration solutions in line with market trends according to the needs of customer terminals and allow for their use in even harsh working conditions.

In terms of product reliability verification, CORNEX has established a simulation test system for materials, processes, structures, assembly and other processes, and uses data to provide positive feedback on R&D and production, screen feasible solutions, and several cell products have passed the most stringent acupuncture test.

CORNEX will research and develop EV products with higher energy density, longer cycle life and a higher degree of safety and reliability in subsequent product iterations through power capacity, cycle times and process structure optimization. At the same time, CORNEX will strengthen the research and technical reserves of cutting-edge battery technology to contribute to the global and travel electric revolution.


As a new energy innovative high-tech enterprise, CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of energy storage batteries, EV batteries and energy management system, and is committed to providing the world-class solutions, products and services for new energy applications worldwide.

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