Wuhan Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Cheng Yongwen was Visited CORNEX Jiangxia Project to Investigate and Research

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On March 25th, the vice secretary and the mayor of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Cheng Yongwen was visited in Jiangxia district to research the work processing of "start stabilization" in the first quarter.  He stressed that all of us need to implement the speech spirit of President Xi, and full implementation the principles of The Central Economic Work Conference and NPC and CPPCC. According to the work arrangements of the provincial committee and government and job requirements of municipal committee, we should prioritize stability while pursuing progress. We need to carry out Covid-19 prevention and control and pursue economic and social development in a more coordinated way, also ensure better coordination in pursuing development and upholding security. We will work hard to strive to achieve a stable start in first quarter.


At the first phase of the new energy battery project of Cornex New Energy Co., LTD., the main building of the new energy Research Institute, supporting production workshop and logistics warehouse has been completed. After listening to the report on the construction progress of the project, Cheng Yongwen stressed that we should seize the development opportunities of the global energy storage and power battery market, highlight innovation first, product as the core, market as the priority and environment as the basis, accelerate the improvement of the core competitiveness of products, actively seize the domestic and foreign markets, and continue to build the new energy industry ecology.

Deputy mayor Dang Zhen participated in the investigation.

*The article is from changjiang Daily's Big Wuhan client, and the picture is from the wechat public account of wuhan Broadcasting and TV Station

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